Android Smart TV Remote: Tutorial

Android Smart TV Remote: TutorialJoin the open BETA test community in Google Play and test the newest version before official release, search for “Smart TV Remote 2.0 Beta Test”!! Since lots of …

Android Smart TV Remote: Tutorial Comments:

Jasinto Pinto: precisa ser smart

Riza Kasia: qual e o nome do aplicativo

200 haidoory: how become my TV ip

MobileDecay: Dude I can hear you jerking off. That’s disgusting man. >:(

13thAMG: Can you update to advise if your app works on the new “H” series Samsung TV’s please? There does seem to be a widely contested issue with them.

nicole loving: Wats the app

Sans: How do i get the IP?????

× Halo kak, ada yang bisa dibantu?