C++ GUI with Qt Tutorial – 3 – Qt Creator Modes

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C++ GUI with Qt Tutorial – 3 – Qt Creator Modes Comments:

YaVuZ K.: thx a lot man. although my english is not that good, youre instructions are very easy to understand 🙂

Arnav Banerjee: Thanx alot. Question if I may! Are these applications standalone or do we need to have Qt whenever we intend to run the applications?

buggernuggets: I remember being taught my first language (C++) through this channel and now, 4-5 years down the line, I’m learning Qt through you again to help with my final year project for my BEng at the University of Greenwich. It’s great that you speak in such simple terms so that the less technically-minded of us (that’s me at times) can understand (try getting anything so simply said from a lecturer…). Your channel really is an educational opus for anything computing related. Thanks a lot for everything man, keep it up!

PAIISE: can you create a console like in visual studios ?

Sharal Bhandari (Sbh): there is some compiler not found

bilen basarir: How can i use qt creator 5.2 with open cv 2.4.8 win 8.1 x64.Can you make a video tutorial.Thanks.

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