Connecting WiFi on Windows XP

Connecting WiFi on Windows XPThis is a good general video on how to connect to a WiFi (Wireless) Access Point. This would be novice level material to pass to family and friends that struggle …

Connecting WiFi on Windows XP Comments:

Nidula weerasinghe: my laptop don’t ask a network key and coudn’t connect to the internet

Renegade Eyes: i have a TP-LINK_2736 if that helps…

Renegade Eyes: Hi penncomputers, please help me, i am getting this when i try to activate my new router: 40bits or 104bits depending on your network confinguration.this can be enter as 5 to 13 ascii characters or 10 to 26 hexademical characters.

AndreiYTB RO / Andrei . // FX [GFX]: I dont have that button down

Jeros Ramirez: link?

Clash of Clans in Silence: Link Of Your Driver Wifi?

Marzooq Salah: He

Marzooq Salah: Hi need 40bits or 104bits

justen harlem: well you got a dislike from mee muhhaah

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