DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101

DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial - Photography/Videography 101Never used a camera before? Want to learn how? If you just bought a DSLR or any camera and want to learn how to use it, this is the video for you! This tutorial …

DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101 Comments:

Sushan Haider: I have struggled with this subject for some time, I even took a class on the basics of photography, and I was just not getting it. Now after seeing the image that you posted, it all is very clear to me, and my understanding is becoming more clear, thank you very much!!

Rascal Gizmo: Dude you rule. This is so well done, you’ve got a gift. And when you managed to get the words “shitty” and “Parallax” in the same breath I knew you were instruction video gold. Love it. Hope there’s more.

Mike Anderson: Glad you switched to the darker marker at the 21.53 mark. Great video, full of great info.

Rylan Rumbaugh: DUDE thank you so much, i learned a lot from this video and i really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. For sure subscribing to your channel.

Thomazz46: Man, what a great tutorial. I’m picking up a 1200D as I’m very new to photography, but always enjoyed taking pictures. I knew nothing about what these settings meant and this video made it very clear to me and it all makes perfect sense. One thing I’m still wondering is, how do you find the sweet spot when going for the depth of field on a certain object? In other words, how do you know to find the shallow focus sweet spot? Does adjusting the F-stop translate directly to the image you see in the viewfinder? Or is it more ‘trial and error’ after taking each picture, looking at the LED screen to see how the picture turned out? Thanks again for this amazing tutorial!

Vladimir Campos: Thank you Steve, it is the best DSLR video lesson I have seen thanks again, I promise if I get to be even a 10% of the professional you are to give back to the community a video in Spanish.

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