Freeform Prong Stone Setting Tutorial – Beaducation

Freeform Prong Stone Setting Tutorial - BeaducationTo find a list of the tools and materials needed for this tutorial visit — beaducation/online_classes/176-freeform-prongs Wanna learn more? We have …

Freeform Prong Stone Setting Tutorial – Beaducation Comments:

No Roses Jewelry Los Angeles: Truly excellent tutorial. It’s one we’ve strongly recommend to emerging jewelers over the past year. This is a “must-have” for their education library. Thanks so much.

Serena S: Great tutorial. Just wondering- do you recommend using some sort of fan while soldering to avoid inhaling the fumes?

novelynette: Thank you for sharing: makes a huge difference to people like me who are isolated because of distance, health and non-existent transport links. The internet is my university.

jane o’vel: very helpful – thank you for such clear instrucyions

Nitty B: Thank you , this technique will be very useful to me.

Krisinda Boyce: My first time learning about free form prong setting. Took notes verbatum style. One question what is pickling ? Is it cooling down the ring and then cleaning it in what liquid specifically ?

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