How to Burnish or “flush” set stones Tutorial by Cristina Hurley

This is a short video showing you how I have taught myself to set stones. I practiced a ton and came up with this foolproof, quick and easy way to do it with ony a …

How to Burnish or “flush” set stones Tutorial by Cristina Hurley Comments:

Gaby Shultz: Thanks so very real much for this great video. Your verbal instructions and actions were spot on. I’m ready to try it!

Coleen Harman: Hi Cristina – if the stone wobbles when I try to do the skate thing to set the stone with the scribe, does that mean the hole is too big or maybe too small? I have the girdle below the ring edge, but still have the table above the surface. Thanks!

yogesh Parekh: Very good technique, and very good instructions by very good teacher.Yogesh Parekh UK

d3v4n100: Really you should rub some of the metal over the stove before scribing it for a tighter stone because what metal are you scribing if you haven’t rubbed any over that’s why it’s also called a run over setting I’m not insulting I’m just throwing in some advice

raymond eagan: I make state quarter coin rings and wanted to add stones to them. I bought 1.75mm cubic. I drilled the holes and cannot burnish them in. I did what the video said to do. Could it be that the coins are nickel and copper. What is your advise?

Tamara Crum: Hi Christina. Lovely vocal tutorial! Your efforts are very much appreciated. For a shank this size what do you think the largest stone could be? Is there a ratio that’s usually applied? What level of hardness would you consider to be too soft to use this method? Thanks so much and have a great day!

raymond eagan: Where do you buy your drill bits and stone setting burs?

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