How to download visual novels OUTDATED

How to download visual novels OUTDATEDThis video is a tutorial of downloading visual novels for those who are having trouble with this stuff. link to visual novel site. Link to fuwanovel: …

How to download visual novels OUTDATED Comments:

WizardlyBanana Gaming: Please HELP!!! I’ve been trying to get this game for over 3 days but every time shit gets crazy and I don’t know what’s going on. The website that the link goes to doesn’t exist anymore and it’s really frustrating. Please HelpSincerely, Wizardly Banana

xander swift: does this site have eroges?

Gregory Jung: the website doesnt have a download link anymore

Trần Vĩ Lập: Can you share me that torrent link?, i want to download Rewrite but i can’t find it ….

Frost1337: Can you make a 2015 version, for some reason when I go on fuwanovel and try to download, I don’t see the download button on the website whereas the video has it.

Jiraiya: no way this is asking for malware avoid this stuff guys.

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