How to install Dolphin Emulator on PC and Best Settings

How to install Dolphin Emulator on PC and Best SettingsWhats up guys and girls! How you been! Today I’ll be showing you how to install dolphin and the optimal settings for you! Please leave a like and sub if you …

How to install Dolphin Emulator on PC and Best Settings Comments:

BLFML72: I can’t get it to work because of the random error message

Nico Vijlbrief (CodeAsm): Optimal settings? you leave most at default, only the cosmetic settings you changed.Now for everyone else, run the game and try changing some videosettings while its running in a window. I was trying Mario Kart on a i7 (by these days probably a i5) and Ram is no problem. Also, its a Lenovo E530 wich has a Nvidia GT630M (2012 laptop).Biggest speed upgrade from stottering music and Ok grapics to perfectly drivable karts and Ok menus: under Hacks> EFB Region copy, I switched to Texture (tried Ram, but that was worse again)Basicly I switched an option and watched the game. Alse I read all the notes and tried disableing other options. after all, EFB Texture copy on my Nvidia, Native resolution and 2 samples (higher got worse) and per-pixel lighting dint had bad influence. Do mis some menu textures, but gameplay is more better with this.TLDR: Try it yourself, setting options, choosing values, this video dint teached me anything sofar. Running this as administrator should normal dont have any influence on performanse, Setting the correct videocard if you have a built in one and dedicated yes, then choose the best one (Nvidia or AMD)

2SidedTech: for some stuoid reason I can’t get Mario Galaxy to run at full speed. I mean 30vps is alright but I have to manually change the graphic settings when switching to smash bros which I get 60vps

DAWID DAWID: WOAAAHHH!!! Wait so if I enjoyed playing games on PS2 I can buy them and play them on my PC if I have this software???

LordDrakon: Isn’t an emulator illegal just asking?

michaela wells: does winrar work?

Notmy Name: also use ishiiruka branch

Brittney Nicole (Brittney-San): I have an AMD processor. I guess we aren’t wanted. *leaves room* T.T

CustomDualSquelcher: My Cpu Says N2840 @2.16GHz Is that good for my laptop????

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