How to Install Windows 98 in Virtualbox/VMware

How to Install Windows 98 in Virtualbox/VMwareHere is a video tutorial on how to install Windows 98 in Virtualbox! Virtualbox: VMware: …

How to Install Windows 98 in Virtualbox/VMware Comments:

PTDJgaming: mine cept telling me that my memory could not be written

ᕼᗝᕊᗢᕼᗩᙅḰᙓᖇ780 :ↁ: Doesn’t work. I can’t get past the setup without fail.

Ethan Slade: I’m having a problem when I go to run windows 98 in pops up with “please remove any floppy discs from your drive and press any button after” can anyone please help me?

robloxblooper robotmario: Hey man, nice tutorial, I finally can ‘explore’ Win98! Cheers!

Game Junky: help it says “the exception breakpointA breakpoint has been reached.(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x6c397f56″do you know how to fix this i got enough space on HDD and in the virtual machine and 700mb of ram and 25 Mb in video memory please help me as fast as you can thanks.

The Rgonauts: it shuts down before i can register the computer, can someone help me?

daniel2835: @[EverythingEpan] thanks for the tutorial! I had some issues. When it asks for the first reboot, it crashed but it was because I was using VirtualBox v4.3.22 So then I upgraded to v5.0.20 (latest to date) and it worked perfectly. Now I can finally play old games :3

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