How to set up Eyefinity (3 monitor setup)

How to set up Eyefinity (3 monitor setup)This video is out of date, Please watch my updated tutorial Here: 1xafl0Y Check out our office tour video: PT0Yxg Get the A Displayport to …

How to set up Eyefinity (3 monitor setup) Comments:

RR the game tech: wouldn’t a single 4k 32 inch tv be better than using multiple monitors

Falzer: can’t work my 2 monitor work but the other one not its say power saving mode

B. Laci: the dp port-vga adapter is aktive or passive ? pls help:(

Michael Moore: can you do that with a nvidia

iFLIP★07: the one monitor I already have and I plan to buy 2 more only has 1HDMI and 1VGA… is it possible to do Eyefinity with 3HDMI. The card I plan to do this set up is R9 390

Dominick Buffaline: will this work well on a 200$ videocard or do i need to upgrade?

DEN76MARK: come on GET TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NobleBrutus: +Alex Stead You probably do not have a displayport to Hdmi ACTIVE converter, I ran into the same issue. You can have max 2 ‘legacy’ connections on most gpus.

obnxs donky (ObnoxiousDonkey): Not the same card as me, or even way to do it, but the information was fantastic! great job.

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