How to Upload Pre-recorded Video to Instagram (Android)

How to Upload Pre-recorded Video to Instagram (Android)This video will show you how to upload a video to Instagram which wasn’t recorded using the Instagram app. For rotating videos: For …

How to Upload Pre-recorded Video to Instagram (Android) Comments:

DIAMOND MIRAGE: Waaaaayyy too much trouble just to uplaod A 13 SECOND VIDEO!!!!!!!!

Tha Secret: DOWNLOAD: VIDEO CONVERTER ANDROID just do this and save your lifes times…this guy sure just wasted mine..thanks @ Tayina j

Jay Loubser: simple question, I have a video which is 6.3 seconds, mp4, 480 x 480. I need to change it to .mov, h264, 640×640 in order to upload it to Instagram. Gimme a step by step explanation how to do please

Alana Jackson: this was exceptionally helpful. Thanks so much for the upload!!!!

RedWings18: Simple fix I found to easily upload my pre-recorded gopro footageI have a Galaxy S6 so I dont know if this works on other phones.1. Plug your phone into your computer and move the pre-recorded footage into the pictures/video folder for your phone.2. On your phone, open the video and start watching it.3. Before the video is finished, pause the video, and then tap “more” in the top right corner4. Under “more,” there should be a few options. One of those option will be “editor.” Tap “editor”5. Once editor is open tap “trim” to trim your video. At this point you don’t actually have to trim your video or modify it in any way if you don’t want to. 6. After you have completed step 5, tap “export” in the top right corner. Your phone should create a new folder for you under your gallery if you havent done this before with the new “edited” version of the video.7. Upload the video from the new folder in your gallery to instagram and it should work.Once again, I did this with a galaxy s6 and I have no clue if it works with other phones. It seems like your phone has to have a basic video editor built in though to work.

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