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iRacing Wyatt Gooden GT3 Car Setup Tips @ iRace4LifeISRTV & presents Wyatt Gooden who has a budding career as real world race car driver. Wyatt gives some tips on how …

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Mark Sheppard: I watched the first 3rd and there was never any information about WHY he set anything where it was. He could have put a screenshot of the setup on the screen and said “don’t change anything….PEACE OUT!!”, and saved a lot of people 20+ minutes of their lives.I can’t imagine that it got any better for the other cars.Compare this video to the David Cater video with Ray Alfalla watch?v=cr_j9CXCoQM and you’ll throw rocks at this one.

select20: I don’t understand, when I set my spring perch to those settings, my car is sitting way to high. To get it lower it’s no where near what you have. I’m really confused. Everything I have set exactly to this but the spring perch settings raise the car really high and won’t pass.

select20: Wow, this really helped me. I just trasitioned from Skip to GT3 and all the setup options are daunting. I have a basic understanding of what each thing does, but getting them to work together is where it has been confusing me. I’m getting it though, and having fun.

cruzer351: I’m new to the GT3s and I’m having trouble with the ride heights.I thought i had them right , I’ve tied perch offsets of 1.8 and 2.8 front and 1.6 and 2.6 rear (he says 1.8 but it looks like 2.8)…..says failed tech on both lots ride height too high …any help much appreciated.Thx guys

Atrax R: +king theswag Accuforce wheel, that was pretty much first thing he said in the first lap…

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