lets download atlantica online

lets download  atlantica onlineshowing u where to download atlantica is at the nexon website: nexon/ atlantica websties: atlantica.nexon/

lets download atlantica online Comments:

Elijah Price: and how can i fix my sound cuz i cant hear anything at all in game and all the settings are good

Elijah Price: when i log into thhe website and press play it doesnt work. i used to have to do it a few times now it just wont work

Brent Dirix: You just need to log in on the website and press Play

Its Dizzy Doe: hmm hmmm maybe you should try to find the client in the folder in the C:/ drive and then run as administaor

Miranda Burgin: Hey, I downloaded Atlantica today, but there’s no icon to play the game. The desktop icon just goes to the website and I can’t figure out any way to get the game to play. Xfire, which came with it, doesn’t detect the game either. Help?

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