New to Skype – A Full Tutorial

New to Skype - A Full TutorialTake our live classes at pcclassesonline.

New to Skype – A Full Tutorial Comments:

Alex Tyler: I go on Skype all the time so thank you for the info

rose smith: cool

River Adams: Hello ladies my Skype is River Partyliner would love to chat with lady from different countries or US my Facebook is the same

ilka bikova: I didn’t skype video voice call

Steve Lee: Skype use to be good in managing voice mail messages.Now that Microsoft bought Skype from the original owners and completely changed the User Interface the management of voice mail completely FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION. You should have left it along you Fucktard !!!

Angel Rose: add my brother if you want chat with a cute kid deshawnthebuzzybee212

vera maria junqueira villela: i want to tallk to somebydry in usa and me here on brazil talking

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