Pendant Tray Necklace Tutorial with Glass Cabochons by LillyDsCraftSupplies

Pendant Tray Necklace Tutorial with Glass Cabochons by LillyDsCraftSuppliesThis pendant tray necklace tutorial will show you how to use images/photos with glass cabochons and pendant trays. We have complete kits available. Visit us at …

Pendant Tray Necklace Tutorial with Glass Cabochons by LillyDsCraftSupplies Comments:

Amy Robinson: Hi Lilly, Great video! Love your etsy shop! Thanks for sharing! Do you have any videos on how to remove a glass cab from a pendant tray? I have a couple that failed due to operator error 😉 and I would like to salvage what I can of the pendant trays, etc. Thanks so much!

victoriakapshaw: When you print out your images can you do it on regular printing paper?

Addy M: Hey lilly! would it be ok to use an inkjet or will that ruin them?

Belle t: Do the pendant kits come with epoxy? I need to know before I buy it separately.

Missy Corrales: great video! Thanks for including step by step info and not going too fast.

Patricia Watts: Hello From New Zealand Lilly,I was so mesmerized by your wonderful video with you making the bezel pendant trays with the images and glass cabochons. Truly amazing! It was absolutely perfect and so easy to understand, and I much preferred it over someone speaking to explain so I could focus more on exactly what you were doing instead. I just loved it Lilly. You offered so many excellent tips which I have taken on board and I can’t wait to start making my own soon. I read on your video that this was your first tutorial, but frankly Lilly it seems like you have been making tutorials forever. I am you new best fan. Thank you for making it all so interesting, and I will look forward to many more Lilly. Happy Holidays to you and yours.Sincerely,Patricia

dianatangyimei: thanks a lot! have a nice day!

dianatangyimei: hi , may i know how do you crop / print those picture in the desire sizes? especially those circles one..?

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