QNAP TS 451 Initial Setup of QTS operating system (Cloud Key)

QNAP TS 451 Initial Setup of QTS operating system (Cloud Key)go.geeksriot/TS451 Here is a helpful video showing you how to setup your new QNAP TS-451 NAS storage device. I walk you through how to setup …

QNAP TS 451 Initial Setup of QTS operating system (Cloud Key) Comments:

Pat Uzumaki: Hi,Complete newbie with NAS drives so apologies: can you upload to the QNAP TS-451 NAS wirelessly and what are wireless write speeds?

Richard Recupero: I have the 1 gb 2 bay. Anyone have a good tutorial video on that?

Alex Le: I just got mine but not sure why admin/admin won’t work for me how do I go back to the set up page again.

Richard Recupero: have you upgraded the ram?and if so did you notice the difference?how do you like it all?

Richard Recupero: raid 5 would have worked nice

TacticalFart: Is myQNAPcloud Service setup mandatory?

Unmesh Patel: Recently purchased TS-451 and I upgraded to 8GB RAM. NAS awareness is very less in the part of India that I am residing. I have QNAP-212 for 4 years but not an single computer expert here would like to touch, it is working but not at full potential as QNAP NAS suppose to. I am a freelance designer and I like to watch movies and tons of data. And after watching your video and I decided to buy this particular NAS from Amazon. Thank you for putting this video my friend.

ScytheNoire: You have 3 disks and went with RAID 1, which makes no sense at all, as one disk would not be used. Why would you not go with RAID 5, which would make maximum use of data available and still provide the same single drive failure protection.

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