REVIEW: NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

REVIEW: NARS Light Reflecting Setting PowderWhat is your favorite setting powder?? I need some great recommendations! ALSO, I was planning to upload my upcoming video when I hit 4000 subscribers …

REVIEW: NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder Comments:

Anh Doan: Being said that you find the product makes your face white (I feel the same about this product) perhaps the product would be more suitable to wear during the day 🙂

Julia Gritsyuk: Could you use the loose powder version to “bake” your face?

cris ballarta: I love your review !! 🙂 i heard it from Wayne too !! 🙂 I ordered it like a month ago but im out of the US right now and i cant wait to go back to try it !! now that i heard you im kinda nervous! are you supposed to apply it all over the face??

teenbeautified: I watched Wayne’s video and he said that it can show up if you put on to much so maybe try putting it on sparingly

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