Set up Wi-Fi in Windows 8

Set up Wi-Fi in Windows 8mikebed96/blog/?p=37 More Windows 8 videos: Some everyday tasks are now slightly different in Windows 8. My website: …

Set up Wi-Fi in Windows 8 Comments:

Kyle Farley: That was the worst video of my life

Robbie Taylor: Not working mate

Speedster 120: My laptop won’t connect to my router because it wants Ethernet connection when until now it’s been wireless connection. How do I set it back?

miramilaia: 2:02 The other networks doesn’t show. It sucks

Falcon Lover: Mine says no connectivity troubleshooting ;-;

alka jaiswal: I am able to connect but my mobile device is not browsing the internet. Any ideas?plz help me..

Gerald Hawking: I hope this guys lives on the 10th or better floor of his commie bldg so he can jump out the window and get the job done. Please. Never ever make another video. You suck

Gerald Hawking: Windows 8 sucks donkey balls.

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