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Setting Ignition Timing Video - Advance Auto Partsvideo.advanceautoparts/?v=… Learn how to set the ignition timing on your engine with help from MDS and Advance Auto Parts Products Featured in …

Setting Ignition Timing Video – Advance Auto Parts Comments:

Jay A: Great video guys but you didn’t mention about locking out the MSD distributor. I have a 35ft boat with twin 509’s 500 HP each, Msd Marine ignition with a marine pro billet Msd distributor. I locked my timing out at 34 degrees. Just set 34 degrees at idle and your done. Its very responsive, no hesitation, or load up at idle.

Moshe Israel: David!

Skip Barrus: I have a 351 W..a COMP Cam and a 2500RPM converter….my timing calls for 12 to14 degrees…my 600 HOLLY is finaly tweaked to that “sweet spot” I actually have my timing set at 12.5…..she smoke the tires, and runs like a rped ape….sounds great and feels great UNTIL…I go to shut it off. It diesels 95% of the time..I turn the car off in gear to keep it from embarrasing the crap out of me. What can I do?

dwoodog: I have to do this on my ’88 IROC with a 305 TPI. Just too cold right now to mess around with this stuff.

Anthony Rodriguez: why does my mark go the opposite way than yours does when at part throttle?

TheTapdancer4ever: What a great explanation. I’ve learned more listening to this guy, than anyone else. Good job….VERY informative.

Dan Dan: On my 2.4 mistubishi when I checked timing timing and revved up the light cut out when it was returning to idle. The spark plugs dont fire when the motor revs down?

Ron Watson: One of the best videos on there, good on you

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