Tool Time Tuesday – Tube Setting Tutorial

Tool Time Tuesday - Tube Setting TutorialJewelry artist and teacher, Melissa Muir, demonstrates how to create a tube setting for a round faceted stone. To see what tools and materials to buy please …

Tool Time Tuesday – Tube Setting Tutorial Comments:

Master Of None: Hi Melissa, is it possible to cut tubing without a jig or tool that holds the tubing? Thank you!

Master Of None: I just happened to come across this video, and wow, you are amazing!! I just made you my new mentor! Lol! I’m fairly new at this type of jewelry making, but so intrigued with it. Thank you for sharing!

Heidi Liles: Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for this video! I was wondering what the hardness of the sterling silver tubing that you used is? I am looking at buying either sterling silver tubing that is hard, or fine silver that is soft. I will be setting a sapphire.

Danielle Blakely: I have watched a bunch of your videos and really enjoy them. I am just starting out and I want my first project to be a tube setting stacking ring. What size tube, bead, and burrs do you recommend I use? Thanks so much!

Nancy Dunn: Maybe I missed this, but what size burs are you using?

20Kyearsold: Great tutorial, thank you so much.

FiddleStick’s: Good Vid,and you never showed yourself..Did you use a smartphone for this Vid.?? and also, do you use bee’s wax sometime to pick up the stone,by the table,when you hold it on setting to see if it’s goin to work.And thus keeping the bottom of the stone clean,just sayin.or,does it matter with tube setting.??

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