Zooper Widget – The Complete Guide

Zooper Widget - The Complete GuideThis app is really one of the most customizable info widgets We’ve ever seen, so naturally it needed a Complete Guide. There may a Part 2 to this app as there’s …

Zooper Widget – The Complete Guide Comments:

Pierre Mugo: is there any possibility of setting bitmap icon sets gifs?

Nathan Jolly: Bought Pro a month or two ago, with the intention of learning it. Uninstalled shortly after. Jumped in last night, and really took off.I did the clock with the bands around it. Easily changed the hours to 24 hours. That was simple. Then renamed the four hours to 23/6/12/18, but I think I’ll do away with them entirely. Added seconds, and that just ended badly. It seems the widget doesn’t update enough for a seconds bar. But it was quite the experience making one. I think I’ll remove the battery % since that can lag, too, and my status bar shows it, anyway.Great app, good guide, but really, my experimentation covered most of it. Of course there is still much to learn.

David Silva: Sooo confusing. X_X

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